A Sacrifice for a Fruitful Journey

My friends know me as a ‘sweet tooth’. I always make sure that I eat something sweet at least once in a day, whether a Corenetto Java or a slice of cheesecake, or even a gummy worm to satisfy my craving to have something sweet to put into my system. Whenever I’m depressed or simply having a lazy day, desserts are always the star of my meal. 

However,  since May 1. I’ve stopped eating sweets, not even taking a second glance at the ferrero rochers in our fridge or buy the best halo-halo of Razon’s. Not because I’ve gained weight or I suddenly had the urge to have an ‘Anti-desserts’ rally on Mendiola, but because of a bigger purpose..

Surprise, Lelay!

This year will be West A’s fourth Community Based Conference and when tito Rey Martin tapped me to be the conference’s event head, nagulat ako. Tito came up to me and told me casually, “Nak, sa commcon, ikaw event head ah. Kayang kaya mo yan.” Wala na kong nasabi, I just nodded and said yes. Not that I was confident that I could do the job well, but I instantly believed that my leaders will be there to guide me through this.

 I was overwhelmed, nervous and excited at the same time, and just the thought of being able to share God’s work in me through this event got me butterflies in my stomach and made me pray more than I do. Di ko maiwasang kiligin, that my leaders trusted me to lead this event. (Thanks, Tine and Matet!) (>w<)/

2 months prior to the event, we started planning the general flow of the program, assigning committee heads and of course, for the pastoral. In all the planning and discernment of this event, I enjoy having to experience the PFO. Up to now, it still amazes me that the successful events in the past are made by a group of YFCs, supportive couple coordinators, bonggang bonggang prayers and the guidance of the Lord alone.

The “Sacrifice”

 Fasting and common prayer time has been a tradition in the community whenever we’re praying for something big, whether it’s a youth camp, or a conference, this year’s Commcon isn’t an exception. I know what you’re probably thinking, No colored drinks and a set prayer time. But, no. We’re not just talking about a simple ‘No iced tea until the event’ fasting. Remember my intro at the beginning of this blog? Yes, you guessed that right. my fasting for this year’s CommCon is desserts

During our short meeting after our household, the question was, “Choose one–Sweets or chichirya?”  Without hesitation, I chose sweets. And our core decided to step out off our comfort zones and do some real sacrifices this time. Yay! (=v=)\ I quickly regretted saying sweets. Words running through my mind like, “How could I NOT eat something sweet for two months?”, “Kaya ko ba yun?”, “Palitan ko na lang kaya fasting ko?”, and, “Halaaaaa! Ang daming chocolate sa bahay. T___T” I even bargained to fast chichirya and fast food, but my household head knows me too well that anything with sugar is a better fasting to me. Then, sweets it is. Haaay. 

A fruitful journey.


Korean Ice cream sandwich given by our boss–the last ice cream I ate before my fasting.

 Honestly, the first few days wasn’t that hard, I got through the day without a single bite (and I was proud of myself for still living. hehe) But as the week passed by, all kinds of temptations challenged me. From our fridge having Cadbury and Ferrero screaming “EAT ME, BABYYYY.” to my boss randomly throwing an ice cream party in the office. Fighting temptations is much, much harder than I thought.

When we picture ourselves as the event head of a conference, or the team leader of a youth camp, or being assigned as a committee head, we often think of the technical challenges like, “What do we need for this, and that?” or “I should call up a meeting so we can plan this stuff, etc. etc.” But one of the things I realize as I reflect on my fasting is that the Lord doesn’t just want us to perform the tasks given to us, He wants us to look into ourselves and not just give our best, but to offer Him even our worst and our weaknesses so that we could fully give Him ourselves. The Lord simply affirmed me in this journey that through lifting something I thought I couldn’t live without to Him, I’d be more empowered to do the things He wants me to accomplish and to simply be a way to show how I love this community. ❤

4 weeks and 2 days from now, will be the first of many big events this year. We’re still in the process of preparing for the CommCon, we still have a lot of unchecked boxes in our to-do list, but with the help of prayers, fasting, and more prayers, the 4th Community Based Conference will surely be a glorious win and this journey will truly be a fruitful one. ❤


To my brothers and sisters–Jordan (patner in this event, kaya natin to! Kabahan ka pa. Haha), Justine & Matet (Salamat sa pag-guide samin. :*), John Rey (partner! Pagaling ka!), Jhane, Mara, Gara, JV, Donna, (pati si Alaine. :D), tito Rey and tita Lani Martin, the members of the PFO team. Who are fasting either sweets or chichirya, and to RC who is the only one fasting Palabok (tindi mo, brad!). I honor you all for being true to your fastings.  Kelan meeting natin ulit? Haha. God bless. 😀


“Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but like slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart.” -Ephesians 6:6 


-Lelay. \(*v*)/



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